Why is it so hard to get a loan when self employed?


To see why the mortgage banking industry has made things so unbearably difficult for entrepreneurs, you have to go back to the 1970's and deregulation. EMF Chief Financial Officer, and mortgage banking veteran, Vince Reade, gives a history of the mortgage banking industry, showing where and why the industry began shutting out self-employed borrowers.

Turn Yourself Into a Business


When you buy commercial, or mixed-use property, loans are structured and evaluated differently and banks care less about seeing traditional, W-2 income. If you're struggling to get approved for a residential mortgage, you may want to investigate purchasing a mixed-use or income property with a commercial loan.

What is a 203k? And how do I get one?


203(k) loans are growing in popularity as urban areas are being revitalized. They package expected renovation costs into the mortgage, and provide for security in the event that your project goes over budget. Learn how they can help, and how they differ from a traditional line of credit.

How to qualify for a mortgage when you earn with a 1099


Pre-2009 it was fairly straightforward for the self-employed to get qualified for mortgages. But post-Recession it's a different story. EMF President, Chris Reade, tells his story of buying a house while self-employed, and how you can buy a house even while earning on a 1099.